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10/23/2020 10:17:05 PM

What if us learning stasis is part of Erimis's or the pyramid ships plan

If you watch the last trailer you see a scene were Varicks confronts Erimis about using stasis and how its changing her. My thought is, she likely knows we defeated oryx who was basically the cause of the fallen whirlwind event. So she could probably guess that guardians are strong enough to defeat her even wielding the darkness. So what if this is a set up similar to say Captain America: Civil War. In which the villain turns the heroes against each other and forces them to fight each other, essentially doing what no other villain has done before. If we learn stasis and become corrupted we could turn on each other, similar to the kentark team from GOS raid. Taking a step further, this could also be the pyramid ships plan and the reason it gifted its power to Erimis. By corrupting guardians, it could cause the traveler to leave as was mentioned in an old piece of lore which speculated that the traveler left its previous hosts when they became corrupted and sinned against the traveler
#lore #destiny2

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