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Изменено (LegendaryBag): 1/9/2020 11:57:27 PM

Saint-14 saved my life in Gambit!

[url=]Saint-14 saves my life in Gambit![/url] So there I was collecting motes for my team in Gambit. [i]Suddenly, an invader..[/i] I knew I had to play it smart, so I did what any sensible Titan would do: ran directly towards the bank with all 15 motes. And there he was.. the invader. Suddenly, my headset made a weird noise and I knew what was about to happen. With the power of the Traveler I slammed my thumb down on the A button, and deployed my bubble just before the controller turned off. The Invader, completely unaware of my controller issues rushes me, guns blazing, only to be met with the blinding light of the man himself.. Saint-14! I was unable to move, frozen in this alien world with only the protection of the Helm of Saint-14, and my bubble. The invader, who is standing right next to me punching wildly into the blinding abyss, has no idea what to do, and throws a grenade on the ground inside of the bubble. He exits, just as I regain control, and I scurry to get back into the fight, panic shooting my Tractor Cannon twice as the invader re-enters. The poor invader has no idea where I’ve gone. And ultimately receives one healthy slap on the back of the head for his efforts. And yes, I was able to bank the motes. :) Thanks for the helm, Saint. It saved my life.

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