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11/17/2019 6:36:34 PM

Error code: Riddle Failure. "Verify integrity of game cache"

I've had this error for months and cannot find a fix. I've had it when it was a Bnet launcher and now on Steam. When playing, after loading into a new area I crash to desktop with the "Verify Integrity of Game Files" notification. I have to do a run to %temp%Destiny 2, find my crash log, and delete a specific .pkg file for the verify game files to work. The problem is definitely more frequent if I'm alt-tabbing a lot. All drivers and windows updates are up to date. Latest crash log below: stack: 00007FF7CBC7959F <unknown> 00007FF7CBC7892A <unknown> 00007FF7CBC74622 <unknown> 00007FF7CCC2D991 <unknown> 00007FF7CBCD1FFF <unknown> 00007FF7CBCD0CA0 <unknown> 00007FF7CBCD5C87 <unknown> 00007FF7CBCD60AF <unknown> 00007FF7CBCD5EB8 <unknown> 00007FF7CBCB0C7E <unknown> 00007FF7CBCBC915 <unknown> 00007FF7CBC978A4 <unknown> 00007FF7CBC95211 <unknown> 00007FF7CBC97AD1 <unknown> 00007FF7CBCCEAF3 <unknown> 00007FF7CBCCEBB4 <unknown> 00007FF8041E7BD4 <unknown> 00007FF805C2CED1 <unknown> session_id: Sun_11172019_112554_013208@x64@76561197964999547@19_6C_80_28_79_4C_356E halt: RELEASE_VHALT halt information: resourcerer:load: Failed to load tag with path '<N/A>' and description '<N/A>' 0x80B3001F (0x0198 31) from package {{w64_environments_0198_0.pkg}} with error 'error riddle failure, {{!0x00000000!}}' install type {{!5!}} fatal error detected, current status was: init: init.txt version: d2_rc tiger_final release pc_x64 78698. 19.10.18 1444 session_id: Sun_11172019_112554_013208@x64@76561197964999547@19_6C_80_28_79_4C_356E GPU Device: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU VendorId: 4318 GPU DeviceId: 7944 GPU SubSysId: 1159731674 GPU Revision: 161 silo_id: 1665943536979827712 signon_server_reported_content_version: 78698.78971-6 authority-over-current-bubble: false - map slice set 'HASH(0x5fe28198)':14, activity slice set 112 authority-over-domain: false world_controller previous_state: activity:physics_join world_controller state: activity:in_world world_controller state_reason: unavailable environment_string: D2_ProdRetail:394 install type: 5 change-world: loaded tangled_shore_freeroam game_instance: 00000000F9FA2B0A game_is_playback: false activity_tier: activity-slice-set-index: 112 map-slice-set-index: 14 in-public-bubble: true AH active workspace: <no active workspace> activity_host_fireteam_is_connected: yes activity_host_last_fireteam_session_id: Sun_11172019_025047_125348@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH08SRV023 activity: tangled_shore_freeroam activity_host_group_target_is_connected: no activity_host_group_target_session_id: Sun_11172019_052431_056892@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH08SRV042 activity_host_group_current_is_connected: yes activity_host_last_group_current_session_id: Fri_11152019_003900_037056@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH01SRV037 system_milliseconds: time 301687213 timezone_seconds_offset_from_UTC: 21600 is_current_bubble_authority: false crash_folder_location: C:\Users\FUZZYW~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Destiny 2\crash_folder\pc_x64\crash_folder_13208_20191117_121014\ primary_bap_server_ip_address: primary_bap_server_port: 7500 world_controller state_status: activity:in_world (goal:002:activity:in_world) player_position_x: 290.092468 player_position_y: -306.387482 player_position_z: -51.100838
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