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10/19/2019 11:20:56 PM

Izanagi Burden Quest Temporary Solution

You guys instantly disable Telesto as soon as there is an issue with it but you still havent fixed Izanagi's or just made it so people stuck on quest step get it complete, you did it with iron banner quest you can do it with this one. Show us that you actually care about PVE content... Right now it seems like if something benefits community like a bug you instantly will disable it or get rid of it, but if it hurts community then you don't really care about fixing it. You have also shown that if anything is wrong in PVP you will fix it within that day sometimes or have a temp solution within that day, why can't you do same thing for other major issues? Please if your not going to push out Izanagi Quest today before next forge rotation why don't just auto complete that quest step for us so we don't have to wait again? It's a really simple solution that would make a lot of parties happy and you've shown that you can do that so why not?
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