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Изменено (Tiger): 9/22/2019 1:22:40 PM

Learned something about DDOS-ing, and how it can really screw you over.

Oh, you thought I meant losing the game or internet? Oh -blam!- no. For those who live under a rock (or maybe just play Single-Player games, I don’t blame ya) DDOS-ing stands for “Designated Denial of Service” attacks. Those who do this will hack your IP address and overwhelm it, causing your whole internet to basically shit itself like my father at Taco Bell. This sort of thing runs rampant in games, and is actually really bad on something like Rainbow Six Siege, where according it my brother like 8/10 people are getting DDOS-ed on PlayStation. That’s bad. However, I consider this a public service announcement if you do DDOS, and want to reconsider your ways. My brother had told me today that DDOS-ing, according to the fine print, is technically a assault on a Companies servers. By doing this, you are liable to face heavy fines, and up to TEN (count em Dracula), TEN -blam!-IN YEARS IN PRISON. Especially if someone like Ubisoft who really hates hackers and DDOS-ers often bans for, DDOS-ing can and WILL get you jailed. So, don’t DDOS unless you want Big Joe to come to you in the shower and say “Make this lag out hacker boi.” [spoiler]Doubt I’ll turn heads, but hey, at least I’ll try. [/spoiler]

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