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| XBOX ONLY | DISCORD | JUST DON’T DIE (JDD) | 18+ | Its Time! Join Up For Shadowkeep!

[b]Welcome to JDD! We are a group of experienced guardians, focused on community & fun while remaining dedicated to D2 through thick and thin. Good Friends, Good Gaming, Drama Free![/b] [b][u]ABOUT US:[/b][/u] IN DISCORD ACTIVITY: Discord is a REQUIREMENT of membership. As much as we play games, we enjoy socializing as a community. Discord is our hub and features many fun ways to participate in the community and chill when not in-game. We have social channels, Pokecord (Playable Pokemon), and media chats … again focusing on our community. . COMMUNITY: Our community is number one. We’re drama free, and welcome members who seek the same. Chill, laid back, and respectful, we put the needs of our community first … it is a game after all! We make new friends and foster established friendships. We place first priority on clan-mates when in-game as much as possible. Your clan members will pay you that courtesy … we expect you to as well. ——— [b]TERMS OF PARTICIPATION AND CODE OF CONDUCT:[/b] JDD is a casual clan of friendly folks who come together to help one another achieve success in complex endgame elements while building positive relationships and having fun. We expect our members to participate actively in our Discord LFG channels, helping other clan members with multi-player elements. Being a casual clan, we do not set a formal playtime or experience level requirements … however largely inactive players (or those spending the majority of their gameplay time with non-clan members) will be removed from the clan during our monthly reset. Our leadership team is here to ensure all who maintain membership in our clan are treated with respect and dignity at all times. Admins will remove any player, with or without notice, for behavior in chat channels, in game, or over messenger services that is not in keeping with our standards of conduct. This includes (but not limited to) slander, racism, bigotry, extreme or perverse profanity, or any illicit behavior. Members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, or sexual orientation. Admins reserve the right to remove any player at any time for any reason deemed to be in conflict with the best interests of the clan. Play fair, and be excellent to each other! [b][u]I LIKE IT! HOW DO I JOIN?[/b][/u] 1. Upvote This Post 2. Confirm that you are 18+, prepared to join/maintain Discord, meet our play minimums of 2-5 hours of multi-player (w/ Mic) clan play, participate in our community, and will uphold our Terms of Participation / Code of Conduct. 3. Post your GamerTag Below 4. An application will be sent to you. Take your time to complete and and return your application (we are a selective community clan, applications with little or no effort will receive no response), and we will notify you within 24 hours if accepted for probationary membership. [b]Once again, Here’s to Good Friends, Good Gaming, Drama Free! Welcome to JDD![/b]

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