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PlayStation Account Linked That Isn't Mine

I've made a post about this before and was told to suck it up essentially. And I did, because it didn't actually affect anything. But now, you need to be able to authenticate all of your accounts to enable cross save. And I am [b]physically unable[/b] to authenticate this PlayStation account. I need [b]something[/b] to be done about this. I can't unlink it without signing into the account, and I can't sign into the account because I don't have a PlayStation account. The only thing PlayStation that I own is my PS3, and my username is the same as it is on ALL consoles. I'm begging someone at Bungie to do something about this. Contact me and I can prove the Xbox account that was used to create this account 6 years ago, is and always has been mine. I was looking forward to cross saving between PC and Xbox, so I could play with all of my friends. I was planning on buying Shadowkeep on Xbox and Steam, but like if I can't enable cross save, I can't justify purchasing Shadowkeep and starting again on PC. At the very least if you can't just unlink this person's account. Make the PlayStation account the "main account" on my account so I can unlink all of the accounts that are actually mine (that I can sign into) and just create a brand new account without this random account stuck on here, as currently, my Xbox account was used to make this account, so I physically cannot unlink it, considering that's my main Destiny account, I can't just leave it behind. Edit: It turns out there was a second response to my original post that was actually more helpful. It said that once we're closer to september there will be more that they can do to help. It's a week away from september, is there any word on the more help that can be offered? I would accept anything that just means I get to use cross save between my steam and xbox accounts :/ I don't really care if I need to make a completely new account.

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