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8/23/2019 6:29:24 PM

Iron Bond [PC]

After searching for a clan I realised there were a lot of huge clans looking to recruit and not so many little clans and so I just decided to make my own in the hopes there were like minded people who didn't want to find a huge clan and wanted to interact and create a bond with other players. Info on me - I'm 20 and from Scotland. I've played destiny since beta of D1 however never had a group of friends who enjoy destiny and so have never done a raid and have often taken a hiatus from destiny so after coming back a few weeks ago I was looking to make some friends to play the game with so that that does not happen. I moved over to PC from Xbox with cross save and thus I thought was the perfect time to try to make some new friends for Destiny (and hopefully other games). [TL/DR] If you are looking to make some friends to play destiny with then check out the clan link here - or get in touch by commenting or PM'ing me to get more info!

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