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Изменено (CourrierMojave): 8/19/2019 9:37:10 AM

Buff Thundercrash ( 15th day)

This super need a buff. A LOT. It doesn't do enough damage in PvE. There is no exotic for this Super. Not a single exotic can buff the damage of this super so we need a buff. By seeing my notifications feed, it seems that my other post were deleted. ( the post before the 14th day) For the people who answer at my previous post, remember this, it's a forum for Feedback. This post is means to talk only about Thundercrash in PvE, not the bottom tree striker ( and yes i think that the striker who recharge his own super need a nerf too) , not Hunter, etc... I repeat this here because a lot of people seems to avoid the subject here. And please, stay calm and stay polite. I see a lot of hate with some bad words before, i won't tolerate that. In i see some hate / harsh words instead of a polite discussion i'm gonna hidden those messages and i'm gonna report. Don't be hater. Be the defender of Humanity and the Traveler, be awesome Guardians.

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