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8/16/2019 11:09:42 AM

Reporting a bug

I haven't seen this issue reported or mentioned anywhere, other than my own tweets to Bungie about it so I'm posting it here in hopes it gets noticed this time. So a while back I purchased the Queen of Hearts Exotic ship and the Cayde's Duds shaders from Eververse with Bright Dust. At that point I didn't have any issues other than them being un-claimable in the Collections tab as I didn't own the Forsaken complete collection at the time, though Bungie is aware of this issue, and that isn't the issue I'm reporting. The issue I'm reporting is that a week ago I decided to purchase the Forsaken complete collection on the PS Store because I wanted that sweet Last Hand ornament for Ace of Spades and the Draw emote (or whatever it's actual name is). Everything seems fine when I sign on, the Legendary Awoken Set content is given to my character when I sign on and the Queen of Hearts Exotic ship and the Cayde's Duds shaders can be reclaimed from collections. The issue is that Amanda Holliday doesn't have Cayde's Exotic Stash for me, no matter what I try. I've reinstalled the game, restored licenses on the console, even replayed the final mission in the Forsaken campaign and then spoke to Spider and Petra afterwards but nothing has worked. So at this moment in time, I wasted £35 to get items that I can't seem to claim. The reason I mentioned the stuff about purchasing the ship and the shaders from Eververse with Bright Dust is because I believe those Bright Dust purchases are making my account believe I've already claimed Cayde's Exotic Stash. But I haven't. I did check my emotes collection and the Ace of Spades just to see if by chance they unlocked without me knowing but that isn't the case. I have also purchased the Forsaken complete collection on PC and that redeemed fine, most likely because I haven't purchased anything from Cayde's Exotic Stash with Bright Dust as my PC character is only a week or two old. The only solution I can think of is to delete one of my characters on PS4 and then re-create them, replay the entire Forsaken campaign again, and see if that works. But if that doesn't work, then I don't know what else to do.

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