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Destiny 2

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8/14/2019 4:29:47 AM

Who to blame on the state of it all?

I've been playing this game since it came out. I had low expectations from the start based on what I heard about the first game. Thinking in the long run things will get much better. But I bought the dlc and have enjoyed lvling through all the cool story lines. The game felt really grindy at times with some of the cool stuff behind a pay wall which kind of turned me off; but remember low expectations. I had fun, I had some buddies that wanted to do raids, strikes, pvp, you name we tried it. A few months after Forsaken comes out my buddies started drifting away from the game and I did too feeling that the grind just isn't worth it anymore without a strike team. Recently I've come back to the game. Game play feels mostly the same with some new bells. But the state of the game almost feels worst. Stepping back into my favorite game mode, gambit, I find myself in a 4v2 situation. You might be thinking "well that isn't right gambit is a 4v4 game." You would be right but tell that to my two teammates bot jumping in spawn. I jump into some strikes to get away from the competitive nature of gambit and what do i find? More AFK teammates. Grinding out this solstice armor has been really frustrating with the AFK's. Honestly this is just another problem on the pile of problems with this game, one that grinds my gears more than anything. I ask who is to blame? Is it Activision's? It is Bungie's? Is it the players themselves? I'll argue it's both Bungie's and the players. I won't blame the publisher for this. Bungie made a sub par game with Destiny 1 and I think it's safe to say they learned nothing from it to improve D2. Somehow they have incentivize these AFK players. There's not even a way to deal with the AFK's. It's like Bungie is ignoring this problem like they do with the other problems this game has. I also blame the players that think it's okay to AFK through all the MMO parts of this game. If you're so bored with the game then log out and do something else. Don't ruine it for the rest of us.

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