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Kaldaran Empire wants you! PC. NA/EU Multiple clans.

Are you looking for a gaming community to play and enjoy your games with like minded gamers? Are you tired of joining these groups with ridiculous requirements to be apart of? Are you looking for a community that you can make friends in? Does the idea of a group having a militarized structure to it sound appealing? If you even answered yes to one of these questions, then the Kaldaran Empire is for you. With a rich history within the gaming community and nearly a decade of existence, you would be joining something bigger than just another clan or guild. You would be joining a unique gaming community. A community that has a sense camaraderie, even going further having a sense of Family. We are unique bunch, all which come from all forms of life. But at the end, have one goal in mind, to create the best gaming experience as possible! Now you maybe wondering, is there any requirements to join Kaldara? Well, we do have a few Requirements, you know, we are not completely lawless here. -Well, we are a community of Adults, so we do require our members to be 18+ (Some exceptions can be made if one is just a few months shy of 18.) -We do have our own website, that we do require you to register to it. -We do also have our own discord. We try to require the majority our player base to be active within in the Discord. We are the 1st Kaldaran Legion. When the time was upon us, the 1st Kaldaran Legion responded to the call of the Travel and brought war upon the Darkness’s doorstep. Only, within the Imperial Light of the Empire, will the heretical enemies of the Traveler, burn as they march to ever awaiting doom. We are a West Coast and Mountain Time based clan. With a community as large as ours, we deemed it easier to have our Legions be based on specific Time Zone. If you are reading this and the time zone does not fit for you, check out one of our sister the Legions: 2nd Kaldaran Legion: For those members who are within the Central Time Zone and East Coast Time Zone. 4th Kadalran Legion: For those members who are within in the European Time Zones. Are you ready to join the great Kaldaran Empire and take the fight back to all of her enemies? And remember; Service Guarantees Citizenship. Would you like to learn more?

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