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The God Roll Auto Rifle of Lulz

So, I just completed a weapon forge and got [b]The Ringing Nail[/b] with Mulligan, Underpressure, and Extended Mag. I slapped a Backup Mag mod on it, dusted off the old the Actium War Rig, and just had the most fun I’ve had in a while. The build isn’t super practical, but oh my lol this is fun. The gun is a 450 RPM Precision Frame, and Underpressure just increases the accuracy/stability so nothing too cool there, but Extended Mag + Backup Mag + Mulligan = near infinite bullets. I can hold the trigger for a solid 15 seconds without having to reload. I was trying it out in the Crucible, and was just laughing at the opponents waiting for my reload which never came. Strung a good 4 kills off the same clip. Yeah, so the Mulligan perk, would recommend. ————— *edit* I got it masterworked, could only be better if it somehow had Triple-Tap. Anyways, I’ve been doing some testing. [quote]Base Magazine | (32) Extended Mag +6 rounds (38) Backup Mag +6 rounds (44) Mulligan | During my testing, seemed like a 20-40% chance to refund a missed shot, rather than the 5% I’ve read about on the internet. Actium War Rig | Draws 4 bullets from the reserves every two seconds. ————— I did a quick trial with the Braytech Winter Wolf, another 450 RPM (36r) with Actium War Rig, in which the clip lasted about 7 seconds each time. My Auto Rifle of Lulz seems to consistently hit about 14 seconds of continuous fire.[/quote]

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