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Изменено (Galaxy): 7/17/2019 9:34:02 PM

An Azteccross rebuttal: Do not AFK farm!

To the YouTuber Azteccross, you should not be advocating for people to afk farm any activity. First of all, afk farming is harming people who want to try and do frames. The other problem with it is that it sends a message that it is an acceptable way of playing the game. Afk farming any activity should not be possible, because it devalues the rewards and purposes gained from those activities. Edit: a point I forgot to say was that many people do not lower their level, I know because I have ran into people in forges afk. Now sure, they could be seriously afk, but how many out of around 30 are actually afk, and how many are farmers?
#farm #afk #destiny2

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