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7/10/2019 9:24:48 PM

Question involving Jubilant engram issue

Hi, I made a post about this a while ago back when I first found out that Bungie was aware of the duplicate bug and had made a statement about offering some form of correction. As of like 2 weeks ago (I don’t browse forums 24/7 my bad, I know) I saw the pinned post about how players were given some form of correction but a second planned attempt was expected to be in July or something similar to that. I read in the latest patch note that it claims the issue has been corrected and players should go to Tess and the items should be in the seasonal tab to collect. As you probably expect, I do not see these. I want to find out if I am screwed out of these items or what’s going on with it if possible? I do recall back then that I bought ~$20 or so worth of engrams as I was missing items and didn’t want to miss out on them (If I remember everything correctly, I was missing 1 emote, 1 armor on my warlock, and all armor on my hunter and titan, but I might have had at least some on those two). Through the bought engrams I got the emote but that was it. By the end of the event through sheer luck because of grinding for engrams I finished the hunter set and got a few of the titan pieces, but ultimately am short 3 (1 warlock and 2 titan). I went back to double check, and I do see in my psn records that I bought silver during the event and i know I used them for the event engrams specifically and have the proof of the purchase of silver on hand. So am I not eligible because I technically got something out of at least one of those engrams or because ~$20 worth of chances don’t equal 3 items (minus 1 for the fact that one actually yielded what it was intended to)? Or is it something more business related like that wasn’t enough money lost and I would’ve had to spend like $100 for the same lost result?
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