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Изменено (SymphoniC): 6/28/2019 2:13:12 PM

I Have Emerged from Gambit Hell and I am Here to Warn You

I just played a "game" of Gambit Prime wherein all three of my "teammates" were afk, and all three were using bots so as not to be kicked from the game. The best part is that the enemy team had 2/4 players afk! What ensued was pure hilarity. It was one mote-banker (me) vs. two, with invasions coming every 5 minutes or so. Each of us would farm the afk players and get into a ridiculously one-sided fight vs. the people who were actually playing, as it's kind of difficult to fend off invaders when you have no team. Anyway, the game ran out of time before either of us could bank 100 motes and then promptly whisked us into the primeval stage in a race to the finish! Except we ran out of time there, too, whereupon the game was declared a "tie." My two opponents who were actually playing the game--being sane, reasonable people, I assume--immediately fled the game, leaving the two afk botters. As soon as the new round began, two new, innocent players joined the battlefield. They had no idea what they were in for. As you might imagine, this round transpired exactly the same as the previous one. 1v2 with a total of 5 FRUITING AFK BOTTERS. Literally a MAJORITY of the players in the "game" were bots. The only upside to this utter debacle was that I was able to complete the remaining 4% of my Gambit medals to finish the Hush quest. I hate leaving games and only go afk if something unexpected occurs and I have to get up from my PC, so I tried to stick it out as long as I could. When it became clear that this second round was also running out of time and heading to the tiebreaker, I just had to quit. The piece de resistance of the entire experience occurred when I logged back in only to be chided by the Drifter on the negative impacts leaving games has on the community. I'm convinced: he truly is evil and I'm glad I chose against him last season. I don't mean to get religious on anyone here, but for those of you who don't believe in hell, just wait until you're placed into a game like this. If there's one serious takeaway from all of this, Bungie, PLEASE stop rewarding players for completing games without any kind of in-game metric (5 kills in Crucible, 10 motes banked in Gambit, whatever, just ANYTHING). As long as these completion rewards exist, self-centered idiots will always abuse the system and absolutely ruin the game for those of us who are interested in actually playing it. *edited for wording*

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