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впервые опубликовано в: If you are going to nerf the exotics, nerf reckoning, too
6/13/2019 7:40:54 PM
I feel like people play destiny with the mindset that it should just be a mindless fun thing to do. Thing is, destiny isn't just that. Destiny, while being a really fun game to play, places challenges in front of you so you can develop strategies to overcome them. Thats why streamers and youtubers have such a consistent following of viewers. The streamers and youtubers think for you in terms of how to beat things. And guess what? You don't always have to follow their strategy. You can develop your own to overcome these challenges. Have fun with that, and push yourself to try and develop new strategies for the reckoning if things are currently not working out for you. It always helps to get a team together and get everyone on the same page.

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