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6/2/2019 9:17:16 PM

Will exotic drop rates/methods be adjusted?

Will we be seeing an adjustment to how exotics drop in the next season? [b]- Will exotic weapon drop chances ever be tuned to drop less often then exotic armor pieces? I know they were tuned a while ago but it was a marginal change. I have all the weapons in the game... stop dropping me duplicates.[/b] There should be a better protection (say 100% chance) for player accounts who have all the exotic weapons. Duplicates of these are depressing and are honestly still at a 50/50 chance of getting a weapon/armor. Armor pieces are very valuable and need to drop 100% of the time for players who have their collections completed. - They seem to drop more often from milestones, however they are still rarely seen each week (I have gone full weeks after completing all of my milestones only to get no exotics.) - World drops are still unbelievably rare, even for a no-lifer like myself. - Will Xur get any form of customization like he had in D1? Like the ability to chose a random piece of armor over a weapon instead of only getting weapons from the engram.

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