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Ambition's End // Chapter 15, The Web

Rest of the story: The tag works too, but it only goes about as far back as chapter 7 [b]Chapter 7[/b] “Whew!” Ascella dropped her arms as the minotaur finally fell. “Oh man.” Lacer slumped to his knees. “Finally got him. Uhhh, Aegeus.” The minotaur’s massive left arm sprawled out in front of Lacer. He gave it a kick and began to walk to the edge of the spire. He looked down at the warlock below him. “Is that him?” Ascella walked up next to the titan. “Yeah. That’s him, all right.” “Great! I can kick his ass!” She flipped a knife in front of her. “He’s not worth the trouble.” Lacer pushed Ascella back by the chest. “Hey!” He called coldly, “don’t follow us, asshole!” “Yeah, stay away, you creep! Eat radiolaria and fall off your sparrow!” Ascella raised her fist. “Going after Tivik right now is meaningless. You’ll lose.” Phoros didn’t look up as he walked away. “You can be rest assured I won’t crash your little party.” Lacer squeezed his fist as the warlock walked away. “C’mon, Ascella. Let’s go after Tivik.” “How do we know where he is?” “Ahah, that’s the thing. He’s bleeding because of Zahir’s attack. It isn’t much, cause it looks like he’s bandaged it up, but Jolt here can do anything.” He pat his annoyed ghost on the top of her shell. - “You retrieved Vex tech?” Noxis asked from the bay of a skiff, his wide cloak fluttering in the wind. “Only one module. I figured I would make use of my jump here. Forgive me again for having to resort to such measures.” Tivik lumbered over, towering over the vandals escorting him. “Never mind that, we must leave at once. At your request, Dreliks has been promoted. He awaits in your skiff with Darvahk and Miskor’s gear to be titled. We will mourn Miskor when-” A streak of void energy silently zipped through the air, barely missing the captain. “Guardians!” Another shot followed, tearing a hole through Noxis’ chest. Tivik’s eyes widened, and the old captain stumbled forward as the crack of a sniper followed. “Noxis!” Tivik rushed forward. “Activate your shields, Tivik! It is too late for me!” Noxis arc shield began to wrap around him, but it was shattered by another round. He stumbled back and was hit by one more shot. “Damn. He just had to start moving. Next one won’t miss. I’ll put lead right into his skull.” Lacer grunted, watching from the other side of the numerous Vex platforms that separated the guardians from Tivik’s crew. He began to load another magazine into his gun. Vandal snipers began to let loose in the direction of the sniper round. “Noxis!” Tivik yelled, rushing forward to catch the captain as he tumbled off of the skiff. “Do not weep for me, boy. I have but one last thing to tell you.” He coughed. “I always hated you, Tivik. Because of what you-” He coughed again. “What I was? You mean my past…?” “It is too late… if your curiosity gets the better of you, this ghost has the terrifying truth.” He took a dead light from his necklace and placed it in Tivik’s claw. Noxis’ clumsy action sliced his adornment in half, causing the rest of the ghosts to clatter to the ground around him. He grinned as he fell limp. “Trapped… you are trapped… there is no…” “What?” A sniper shot threatened his shields, bringing Tivik to action. “I will figure that out later.” He turned around to face his assailants. His claw was balled into a fist. “Come forward, Dreliks.” The vandal appeared at Tivik’s side. “You are Dreliks, the Web. Ensnare these guardians, and get them way from us. Today is not a matter of winning or cutting our losses. It is a matter of carrying on Noxis’ legacy in our mission! Go, my web! Carry out your duty! Spekris, are you on to fight?” “I’m all better. Be there in a sec.” Spekris spoke from the other end. Tivik walked away, and disappeared into a skiff with Noxis’ body. “We will not disappoint, master.” Dreliks watched from the ceiling as his targets beat back his crew. He spat in disdain. “I will show these pigs what happens when they mess with the Guardian Killer.” “You heard the man, you don’t have to kill them.” “I understand, but I will pursue their deaths actively.” “That’s the spirit, kid.” Spekris cooed as he began to leap from platform to platform. “I seek to atone for the Trapper’s death by being twice the assassin he was.” “Good luck, he’d killed 12 guardians before he croaked.” “Hmph.” “Ascella, you see that speedy one?” Lacer watched Spekris dart past his scope. “Say no more!” The hunter ran forward. A squad of vandals armed with knives leapt forward to block her path. “Not so fast!” Lacer fired two rounds, dispatching a vandal with each bullet. They spun in opposite directions as they fell to the ground alongside the other two, who had been taken out by Ascella’s voidwall grenade. “Nice shot! I’ve got him now!” She jumped up, and void energy began to crawl around her body as she drew a shimmering bow. Spekris tumbled forward, caught by a tendril of the shadowshot. He groaned as he attempted to escape its reach. “Get him!” Ascella yelled, charging forward with a shotgun. Lacer fixed his scope onto his target, but was suddenly blinded by a white cloud of lines. A web mine had fallen over Spekris. He heard Ascella struggle over his comms, and the webs dissipated to reveal her ghost, floating over her body. The tether was gone, and so, consequently, was Spekris. “Hey, hey, hey!” Lacer yelled, switching to a machine gun and stepping forward. He fired a barrage of bullets in Ascella’s direction, warding off any potential threats to the hunter’s ticket back alive. “A much better position, guardian. Much better!” Dreliks eyed the now exposed titan below him, chucking a web mine in his direction. A few seconds later, he followed up with another. Ascella stumbled awake. Her foot ran into a small metal pole. “What’s this?” She asked, reaching down to examine it. She heard a metallic strike behind her, and electricity burst to it from the trap in front of her. She leapt away, grunting at the damage of the shock. She watched as the vandal ran around her in a blur, linking more arc traps at varying elevations on the platforms around her. Soon, she was encased in a cage of arc energy. “Ascella!” Lacer yelled, his voice warped by the web mines surrounding him. Another one detonated at his feet. “Damn it, this is getting real annoying.” “We can’t kill ‘em here, just get them off the platforms.” Spekris urged, watching as the hunter he sped around destroyed his arc traps with a shotgun. “No! We can end this here!” Dreliks leapt toward the titan below him. He broke Lacer’s legs with a shock blade, causing the titan to buckle to his knees as a poison canister burst around them. Lacer gave a light chuckle from the ground as the gas quickly drifted away, into the openness of the Nessus air. He punched the vandal in the chest with a fist encased in void energy, pushing Dreliks away with a satisfying crack. “The head honcho ain’t even here, for neither of us. Just get rid of ‘em, I told you.” Spekris placed another arc trap. Ascella, frustrated, brought a rocket launcher out. “Zahir taught me this trick! Here we go!” She fired straight into the ground below her, shattering the vex platform to pieces. Her ghost, panicked, floated swiftly downward in pursuit of her body. “Heh. That takes care of that.” Spekris turned and bolted toward Lacer, grappling with the titan’s arms. Eventually, Dreliks joined the struggle, pushing Lacer over the edge of the platform with their combined strength. His legs limp and useless, the titan spiraled into the abyss below him. “Victory!” Spekris pumped two of his arms. “And none of us got hurt or died! Well, except for, y’know…” “Master Noxis was not part of this fight. One thing does linger on my mind, though. How did you have as much trouble as you did with these pathetic lightbearers?” Dreliks spat. “You don’t remember?” Spekris’ voice dropped. “It’s the orange armored titan that killed Darvahk and Miskor, and really hurt Noxis. It’s him.” He gripped his wire rifle tight. “Enough about him. We gotta go. C’mon, fellas.” He waved the surviving vandals over to a skiff, and the crew took off, in pursuit of a ketch that stood above clouds of electricity and red Nessus fauna.

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