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Destiny 2

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5/18/2019 11:44:46 AM

Bungie; hire better level designers and leave our stuff alone. (GYST)

So I’ve recently learned after talking with a few ppl that the main rason for this nerf is so ppl can’t speedrun past the new raid that will be launching. More like raid enounter not a full raid. They’re also apperantly not capeable of creating challenging content; they’re tired of people melting bosses and running through raids. Here’s a fix Bungle. Fire the tards, hire non tards, actually make challenging content. I mean if we’re being serious, your bosses are shit designed. You add boss stomp to everything and instead of creating new enemy types or different ways for the enemies to attack us, no you nerf our weapons because you’re lazy. There’s really no other explination for it. This is lazy pure and simple. All of your bosses work the same. This IS YOUR PROBLEM. You’re the ones unable to come up with anything beyond “big man stomp” or “big man haz shild now”. It’s lazy and for you to punish US, the people who foot your bills when you can’t even have a proper launch, after the -blam!-ups of D1, we still had your back after D2s -blam!-ups. Stop punishing us for your ineptitude. Stop being lazy. And seriously, get your shit together.

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