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Destiny 2

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Изменено (DredgenTenebrous): 5/10/2019 5:59:43 PM

Unpopular opinion. Hunters have become boring.

Hunters used to be my favorite class because I just enjoyed the play style since that’s always the way I played in other MMORPG games, but since all the whiners calling for nerfs everything has taken them into the ground. They already had the worst grenades in the game, they have the worst SINGLE melee (combo blow has to be built up), and now honestly they have the worst supers. I am definitely going to use my Warlock and Titan now and kind of sit my Hunter aside. Warlock Nova with Skull is just so crispy right now and same goes to Titans with Doomfangs or skullforts. I will miss my Hunter though lol. Been running all 3 of my characters forever, but my Hunter has been my guy lol!! I am disappointed with all the nerfs. It is becoming a boring game with them. I loved getting my Outbreak again, but the nerfs are ruining the game and Hunters have been the brunt of the nerfs since Forsaken started.

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