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Secret Content: Hive Eggs, Keystone, and Oddities

KEYSTONE IMAGES HERE: GOLDEN WORM IMAGES: Still Needed Scattered throughout Hive levels, particularly Meditations and Strikes, are damageable eggs with red symbols. This is well known. And unusual. What Ghost has to say about them: "We saw this rune before, on the Dreadnaught. It means either 'doorway' or 'treasure' or 'chamber.' Perhaps the Hive use this rune to tap into their Throne-World." Now, for the lesser known: If you shoot one egg, and then another with a different (or perhaps sequentially incorrect) symbol, that egg will disappear. And now, for my discovery, which ties it all together. Near one of the doorways in the central Hive-infested hub in Savathûn's Song is this Keystone, which is perhaps showing us the correct order that these eggs need to be shot in to unlock some type of reward. I've never seen this Keystone asset used anywhere else except for this very spot. All the runes on the Keystone were also featured on the key-locked chests on the Dreadnaught. Ghost literally says it himself, guys. "Doorway (to) treasure chamber." Seem to me like Bungie intended for us to translate that string of words in this way. So perhaps the runed eggs are the pathway to a reward. Hopefully an Exotic Fusion Rifle Finally, glowing golden Hive worms can sometime spawn on Titan. I stumbled across one in an open vent in the Hive event room on Titan, which then did an animation and disappeared as I got really close, before I could shoot it. It was so bright it looked like the text on one of the Arcology's screens. Perhaps a discrete form of collectible? Possibly a lighting/texture glitch, but it sure was luminous. Dig in, you guys. I hope this one's fruitful. A MORALE BOOSTER: Consider it. Why would Bungie create a new weapon type without showing it any Exotic love? Grenade Launchers got plenty. Not to mention the Io Adventure reward fishiness. And I firmly believe that Bungie is more than capable of hiding content in their game well beyond the prying eyes of dataminers, even a hidden Exotic. If you doubt this, just remember that the jetpack in GTA V still has not been found. Or how long it took to discover the Peyote/Bigfoot content. And that game had already been datamined to hell and back when those discoveries were made. If Rockstar can do it, Bungie certainly can too.

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