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Osiris needs redemption. “Curse of Osiris facts/rant”

Osiris.. The most legendary warlock and possibly the most noteworthy guardian in history. More prestigious hype has surrounded this character than nearly any other in destiny, and you did him NO JUSTICE. It’s no secret that the curse of Osiris DLC was indeed The worst moment of our destiny experience. So many reasons. A underwhelming Space on mercury so small that a sparrow couldn’t even be summoned. The terrible delivery of an incredible concept (The infinite garden). The infinite garden could’ve been anything literally ANYTHING you could have simulated new worlds older raids older planets you could’ve done anything your mind could imagine, BUT The limit of your imagination was a past simulant mercury and a future simulant mercury, not to mention the fact that the paths in the garden were completely overhyped “ you will feel like every time you go into the infinite forest it’s like you’ve never been there before and a new path will appear before you every time” bullshit. Same old pointless paths that nobody wants to take the time and look at just run through. It’s a glorified bridge room. SMH. Anyway the most important facts that I can talk about when it comes to the Osiris DLC and Osiris himself is that in the entirety of the Osiris DLC and campaign that came with it I saw more of Osirisis ghost and reflections then I did the man himself. Facts. And after it was finished it seemed like it had zero impact on the overall story and you could continue playing as if it had never even happened. Not to mention that just to add insult to injury you took the most fabled badass titan and killed him off and a side quest that wasn’t even related to main story (Saint 14). Why do you do this? Do you understand that we NEED ABSOLUTELY NEED more characters in this game. You refuse to put any new hunters available for vanguard position so far, You haven’t even address the speaker situation directly, I don’t even know if the speaker is dead because he won’t even address his body. Regardless the one and only person we know that was a apprentice to our last speaker you have in the infinite garden contributing nothing to our progression or story. Osiris needs to let the reflections take care of the garden and get his ass on the front line with us. We need a speaker. Not only that but we need a leader. I can guarantee that the numbers would be much different in the allegiance quest if we had someone to respect in the tower. All I’m saying is you could easily make a new strike or a new mission or anything literally anything where we are in a battle and all will seem lost and the man the myth the legend himself could appear help the -blam!- out and enter the realm of relevance. Forgive me but I just have a beautiful image in my head of Osiris appearing with like 500 reflections all using dawnblade and sending infinite flaming slashes down upon a foe too powerful for us to finish off. But what do I know right lmao, In conclusion, We have characters in this game that do nothing, Contribute nothing and add nothing. Glorified statues who stand and drop and engram if you’re lucky. Statues. I have two goals for bungee number one, do more with your characters than just have them stand, Number two, Bring in more Named characters (Guardians) you’ve got plenty to choose from. The day Lord shaxx is good for more than opening a door I’ll be a happy man LMAO

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