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3/4/2019 10:25:21 PM
I think a Banshee quest that rewards a Ghost with selectable perks like “Light Arms Finder” “Rifle Class Finder” and “Oversized Weapon Finder” that guarantee Engram Decryptions and Vendor Reward drops to be from the selected weapon class perk like - “Light Arms” (Hand Cannons, Bows, Sidearms, SMGs) “Rifles” (Auto, Scout, Pulse, Fusion, Sniper, Linear Fusion) “Oversided” (Shotguns, Rockets, Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns, [Swords, maybe?]) - would be awesome. And Ikora could have a quest that rewards a Ghost that does the same for Armor Pieces. “Helmet Finder”, “Glove Finder”, Chest Finder , Boots Finder, Class Item Finder. Just so we can focus our “hunt” and get somewhere with our armor builds and Weapon rolls in the span of the current “Seasons” time frame.

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