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Destiny 2

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Изменено (cake and bombz): 12/3/2018 7:37:25 PM

[exotic idea] revolving door [assault shotgun]

i would like to see this added


this sucks


Weapon Name: Quick witted response [i]this will never work...[/i] [i]trust me, it will...[/i] Weapon Type & Class: Energy assault shotgun Rounds Per Minute: ARrpm-600 SGprm-90 Magazine: Size AR-40 SG-5 Intrinsic Perk: Rotary Barrel system- weapon will start in the AR mode and will have all AR stats above, when reloaded, the weapon will swap to the shotgun mode and will have the SG stats above Trait-multi kills with the shot gun will add an extra 5 rounds into the AR magazine while every kill with the AR mode will add a damage buff to the shotgun's first shot (statcks 3 times) Appearance: the weapon has a large frame the resembles an auto rifle with lots of wires gears and tubes leading into itself, a large tube is formed around the main body of the gun, the magazine is loaded from the bottom and resembles that of the misfit, the barrel (in AR mode) is long and cylindrical with a grip that comes off the tube on the body, when swapped into the SG mode, the user pulls out the mag, places a new one in and slides the barrel forward with the grip, pulling the tube out to make the shotgun barrel which is lathe and has a few small lights on it, the sights can very, but will always be short ranged sights Description: The weapon is used for add clearing as it is a energy weapon, it would be solar and would cause burn damage to enemies, in crucible the perk would minimize ammunition and damage as the mode would swap every life, however, in pve, it would be able to swap at the reload, its high impact shotgun and high fire rate AR will make a deadly add clearing combo that will sweep the servers and clear adds with extreme prejudice

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