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The Best Wish

I walk into a room, the Light sucked out of it, the one known as Riven in front of me Riven: How did you get here Guardian, all alone? Me: Um, the Well of Wishes... you know, the thing that you empowered... that lets me skip the entire raid and all of your defences... for some reason. R: Oh yeah, I should get that removed, I can get Kalli to do it, that's for skipping her btw, you know how hard it is to get the latest news when you're stuck in a vault? Me: No, but it's pretty hard to get the news when you're dead. I get revived and I'm like, wow, this place used to be a bar, I drank too many and walked off that bridge into the w... wait a second, where's the water? R: Loving the chat, are u ready to die? Me: No, I've come for a wish. I want you to remove all shotguns from Crucible and Gambit. R: Very well, now, people can only use sidearms in Crucible and Gambit which means you will never be shotgunned again. Riven looks on, a coy smile on her face, expecting me to protest Me: Still worth it!

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