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9/29/2018 7:20:23 PM

Sleeper Simulant's impact on Gambit

With the recent introduction of a new pvp gamemode in Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC, the new gamemode Gambit, players can have a fun challenge that combines the aspects of pvp and pve at the same time. Players have to gather motes, a maximum of 15 at a time, and then store them in their team's vault in order to bring about their "Prime Evil"; a boss to be killed in order to win the game. That is the pve aspect. The pvp aspect involves one player on one team invading against the other team; if a player is killed they lose their motes, and if an opposing team is facing a Prime Evil then each invader kill heals the Prime Evil. Invading kills can really set an allied team ahead and an opposing team far behind if the kills make a huge impact. Players have about 15 seconds to either hide from the invader or deal with them in order to be safe. However, there's been a bit of a problem with this part of the game in part because of one weapon from the Warmind DLC. This weapon, is the Sleeper Simulant. The Sleeper Simulant, for those that don't know what it is, is a Linear Fusion Rifle (a gun that shoots a giant laser that deals a lot of damage) and by far the best one in the game. Not only that, this gun's damage has made it a go-to for raids and the like because of it's damage potential and overall accuracy. This gun hits so hard that it's on par with the "Whisper of the Worm," but without the aspect of rewarding accuracy with more rounds in the magazine. This gun, while not the go-to in the Crucible (due to the fact that if you die in the Crucible you lose all your heavy ammo), is definitely a go-to in Gambit. So much so, that it's rare sight to see any invader NOT use this gun. The reason why, is that this gun's laser can basically one-shot any guardian regardless of how much health they have. Whether they have full shields or a full 3 line health bar, this gun kills any guardian in one shot. And in addition, this weapon doesn't need to be precise in order for the damage to fully sink in. Body-shot, head-shot, or even a tiny blast to a guardian's pinky-toe can result in that guardian being completely devastated. This obviously makes it a bit...tricky, to engage an opponent that's using this gun. You could sneak up on them and flank, but considering the spawn points for invaders (they usually spawn opposite of the team they're invading so as to make it a bit challenging for the invader, while also giving the defending team some times) they have plenty of time to see this coming since they're usually on the opposite side of the map and can literally see where every opposing player is. A player can hide, but that doesn't mean the opposing invader can't "see" where they are. Now, some people may argue that this gun isn't as overpowered as people may think. "It has a long charge up before the laser fires! And they can just hide from the invader until they're gone!" Both of which are true. The gun does have a bit of a charge up time before each laser is fired, but if the enemy team doesn't know where the invader is then it doesn't really impact the invader at all. They have the advantage of knowing where the enemy players are, not vice-versa. And if players DO want to hide for the entirety of the invader being there, then they lose out on a LOT of resource gathering for motes. I've had some instances where a team sends over an invader and while everyone is hiding from the person with the Sleeper Simulant, once the invader leaves the team can send over ANOTHER invader because they had no threat. This gun is not only devastating in terms of power, but it's also a very useful zone tool; if you can make it so the entire team spends 15+ seconds doing nothing but wait till you're gone, you've effectively done about as much as killing all 4 of them. Some people could also argue that this weapon isn't as bad as some people make it out to be, but here's the main kicker: Bungie KNOWS about this weapon and its impact on Gambit. They just recently put in a patch to nerf this weapon's.....get this....."Aim Assist." For those that don't know, the aim assist for a weapon is something that helps a guardian focus on the target at hand; whether it's an enemy boss or fellow guardian. However, the Aim Assist isn't like an "Aim-Bot" in the sense that it snaps to a target and follows them wherever they go. If anything it's like a gentle nudge in the direction you want to aim. For some players, an Aim Assist isn't really a factor when they aim a weapon and can rely solely without it. So in a sense, this "Aim Assist Nerf" was really the least they could've done for this weapon but it at least shows they know the gun is a problem. To be clear, I LOVE Gambit. It's a very fun gamemode for friends and clans alike to really show what they're made of in both a pvp and pve environment. I'm even trying to get the exotic hand cannon quest that's given to players if they reset their Gambit Valor twice. That being said, I love the game but as it stands....if you DON'T use the Sleeper Simulant, then you're far more likely to lose every match you play. And hey, if you don't believe this post and you think I'm just ranting about a gun because it kills me every match (because it does), then I want every person who reads this and has the slightest doubt to play Gambit for about an hour or so and see what type of weapon Invaders are using primarily as their go-to. It's a pretty safe bet to say they're mostly using the Sleeper Simulant.

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