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9/24/2018 2:17:11 PM

In The Raid - (Linkin Park parody) as a statement

Hello there, as you all remember, there was a huge controversy surrounding Last Wish raid being an unfair grind fest, where everyone started pretty underleveled. I know about bunch of people who made song parodies on some fancy things in Destiny, and I thought purely for fun about how to make the Last Wish controversy into a parody song. My sister was singing In the end song nearby by the time, and it banged my head instantly, so here is a bit of lyrics: [i]In the raid (It starts with ball) Kalli, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how much you try Ammo is hard to find I designed this rhyme To start at reset time (And now I know..) Grind is a valuable thing Watch it fly by as power level swings Play countdown to the start of the raid The Last Wish takes seed away (The grind's so real..) It's not The Dark Below Watch the grind go right out of window Tried to hold on but didn't even know Wasted all gear just to Let World's first go.. We used everything in fight and Even tho we tried, we only lost and wiped What it felt to me will eventually be A Shiro Chi's song that CH: I grind so hard And got so far But in the raid It doesn't even matter The rift was dropped To boost them all But in the raid It doesn't even matter[/i] The problem is, that it was harder to come up with the second verse and bridge after wards, so if somebody could think of the rest of lyrics, or suggest some ideas xd Like, "In the end" is edgy as Uldren but it was the most fitting for Last Wish issue, so I chose to parody that. It's just for pure fun.

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