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9/22/2018 9:28:05 PM

Ace of Spades Questline - Final Quest Mission Bug

There appears to be a bug with with Mission quest near the end of the quest line where you need to open up the 10 stashes. If you open the last two chests in quick succession as they are both in proximity o one another before the dialogue from the 9th chest is over with, the 10th chest dialogue will not start properly. The issue with this, is that the quest progress will properly acknowledge that you've opened 10 out of 10 chests, but the quest will not progress to the next step as it seems to not trigger a completion until the final dialogue is fully read, to give the player an opportunity to hear the lore and stories before triggering the mission end flag. In this situation the only thing you can do is back out to orbit, and reload. The workaround to this is to simply wait for the 9th chest dialogue to fully complete before opening the 10th chest. In cases where you are working on a second or third character you may want to skip the dialogue or attempt to complete this as fast as possible, and end up in a scenario like this.

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