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The Eliksni of the Light Issue 1 part 3

[u]Page 30[/u] Yielsis running down the street. (Yielsis: Hey big guy! I'm coming for you!) (Why are you alerting it to your presence?!) Yielsis stops. (Yielsis: I just thought I'd let him know I'm here.) (Rule one of a fight: Never give your position away!) Yielsis standing. (Yielsis: Look, I'm sorry. It's my first fight.) (Move!) (Yielsis: What?) Yielsis looks up. A shadow of a massive Knight overlaps her. Artra standing over Yielsis with his blade over his head ready to slam it down. (MOVE OUT OF THE WAY NOW!) [u]Page 31[/u] Yielsis dodges Artra's slam as the cleaver upheavals rock and dust from the asteroid. Side shot of Yielsis panting while Artra lifts his sword. (Now just keep your distance and whittle him down, unless you want this to be your last fight.) Yielsis aims her pistols and fires. Artra doesn't even flinch from the bullets. Artra readies another strike. Yielsis dodges. Yielsis fires at Artra. Artra readies another strike as Yielsis' shots don't affect him. Yielsis dodges the attack again. [u]Page 32[/u] Yielsis panting. (Yielsis: It's not working. He's not even affected by it.) Artra readies another strike.(Yielsis: I...) The cleaver rushes down. (Yielsis: I don't know what to do.) A white flash appears. Artra and Yielsis look in surprise. Yielsis has her light swords in her upper hands blocking the Cleaver. (Oh no. No, this is not good.) [u]Page 33[/u] Yielsis pushes the Cleaver away. Yielsis in a battle stance. (Yielsis: Come on big guy. Come at me.) (You need to put those away.) Artra strikes down. Yielsis counters it. (Seriously, stop now. you're making a huge mistake.) Yielsis dodges away from another strike. She rushes forward and cuts Artra's hand off. Artra cries out. Yielsis readies another strike with the cleaver behind her. (Okay you've cut off his hand. Can you stop now?) Yielsis leaps forward towards Artra. (Damnit Yielsis. Just listen!) [u]Page 34[/u] Yielsis with the communicator in her hand with a defeated Artra kneeling. (Variks: You have done well Eliksni. I shall tell Petra of this.) (Yielsis: Wait, don't go yet!) Close up of Yielsis and the communicator. (Yielsis: It’s the Knight. He keeps whispering the same words over and over again.) Yielsis looking at Artra. He has his head bent to the ground. (Variks: What is he saying?) (Yielsis: I… failed you… Nastareth… Please forgive me…) (Yielsis: What’s he talking about? What’s a Nastareth?) Yielsis looks at her communicator, getting no response. (Yielsis: Hello? Variks?) A communicator on the floor as Variks rushes out of a door. (Yielsis: Variks, are you there?) [u]Page 35[/u] Yielsis standing around with Artra still kneeling. (Yielsis: Well, I guess I just wait until a ship arrives.) (And it was nice knowing you.) Yielsis looks up. (Yielsis: Why? The Knight’s taken care of. I just need to wait for them to pick me and him up.) Yielsis looks at her hands. (When you used your Light against him, you became a beacon for things that I fear you will not survive against.) Yielsis shrugs her shoulders. (Yielsis: Don’t worry. I took that thing down. I’m sure I can take on whatever comes at me-) Yielsis falls to her knees and covers her ears as a deafening screech rings out across the settlement. [u]Page 36[/u] Yielsis slowly removes her hand from her ears. (Yielsis: What… What was that?) (That was the call of The Desolate.) Yielsis slowly gets to her feet. (Yielsis: What are the Desolate?) (Former Guardians who have been corrupted into monsters with a hunger for the Light.) (Now I wonder what they’re here for.) Yielsis looks at her hands. Yielsis watches a multitude of shadows fly in from the sky and stop a few meters ahead of her. The Desolate form from the shadows. [u]Page 37[/u] The Desolate stand tall. A hunter stands at the centre of the panel with the Titan and Warlock on the left and right of it respectfully. Yielsis looking at the Desolate, looking confused. (Yielsis: Well, they don’t look too bad.) The Desolate Hunter opens its mouth to reveal a hideous set of jagged teeth. Yielsis looking more concerned. The Desolate Hunter lets out a screech as the other Desolate charge towards Yielsis. The Titan charge forwards, the Warlocks fly, and the Hunter run on all fours like animals. [u]Page 38[/u] Yielsis with her pistols drawn firing away. The Desolate charge towards her with some getting shot in the head. The Desolate leap at Yielsis. Yielsis' Light swords appear in her lower hands. Yielsis slice through many of the Desolate. Yielsis standing with her swords and pistols in her hands with many Desolate laying on the ground dead. [u]Page 39[/u] A Desolate Hunter charges at Yielsis. Yielsis blocks its claws with her swords. Yielsis cuts its clawed hands off before opening its throat. A Taken Warlock flies towards Yielsis. Yielsis unloads an entire clip from her pistol into its chest. Yielsis looking over the slayed Desolate. Yielsis lets out a sigh. [u]Page 40[/u] A punch from a Desolate off screen hits Yielsis. Yielsis falls on her back onto the ground. A Desolate hand grabs tightly around Yielsis’ neck. From Yielsis’ perspective, a Desolate Titan readies a punch aimed for her. Yielsis has a pained face, ready for her life to end. Yielsis closes her eyes. [u]Page 41[/u] The Desolate Titan punches the ground next to Yielsis’ head, leaving cracks and a small crater where the punch hit. Yielsis opens an eye to see that the Desolate had missed her. The Titan removes his grasp around her throat. The Desolate Titan looks up into the sky. Yielsis lifts herself up while panting. The Desolate Titan looks back at Yielsis. Yielsis looks at the Desolate Titan. The Desolate Titan dissipates into shadows and flies away. [u]Page 42[/u] Yielsis watches the shadows disappear into space. (Oh hey, you’re not dead. Congrats.) Yielsis still looking to where the Desolate disappeared. (Hey. You’re still looking over there. What gives?) (Yielsis: That Desolate… spared me.) Yielsis looks at the ground that the Titan had punched. (Nah, it was more like it had vital information for the Nastareth rather than feeling merciful. Still though, you’ve got some good luck right there.) Yielsis quickly turns around in frustration. (Yielsis: But what is the Nastareth?!) (The Nastareth is the Desolate’s leader. It and its minions have been plaguing the Reef and the whole System ever since the attack.) Yielsis looks over to see a small glowing pile of rubble. [u]Page 43[/u] Yielsis walks over to the glowing rubble. Yielsis knelt before the rubble. (Yielsis: What could have possible drawn that big guy here?) Yielsis shuffles the rocks with her hands to reveal a spark of Light burning bright orange. Yielsis' face is illuminated by the Light. (That's... Solar Light.) Yielsis reaches out to the light. The light shoot forward and around her outstretched arm. [u]Page 44[/u] Yielsis watches in shock as the Solar Light shoots up her arm. The Solar Light enters Yielsis through her right eyes. She cries out in pain. Yielsis trembles as she holds her head in her upper hands. Yielsis cries out as Solar Light erupts around her. Yielsis standing and panting. The rock around her is scorched. Yielsis looks at her hands. (Yielsis: What... was that?) Yielsis looks over to see an Awoken ship begins to land. (Don’t worry. I shall tell you more in due time.) [u]Page 45[/u] Three Desolate shadows flying towards the Dreadnaught. The Desolate flying over a battle between the Taken and the remaining Skyburners Cabal. Some of the Cabal are getting Taken. The Desolate appear before a hooded figure with a mask. Its hand is outstretched and covered in black fire. This is the Nastareth. A Psion is on its knees before the Nastareth as it's being Taken. Close up of the Nastareth. (Nastareth: Oh apologies. Just crushing a few little insects. I take it that you have found something I should know.) The Desolate kneeling. The Desolate Titan speak to the Nastareth in a way that cannot be understood to the reader. Close up on the Nastareth (Nastareth: The Eliksni of the Light has emerged?!) Shot of the backs of the three Desolate kneeling before The Nastareth, whose hand is coated in black fire. (Nastareth: Good. Find her and bring her to me.) [u]Page 46[/u] An Awoken ship flying away from 2 Pallas. Yielsis sitting at the back of the ship with Koltie piloting. (Hey, not bad for your first catch, am I right?) Yielsis sighs. (Alright, tell you what. I'll help you get your memories back. But you got to do something for me in return.) Yielsis looks up. (Yielsis: Like a scratch my back, scratch yours sort of thing?) (Uh, sure.) An offering hand appears before Yielsis. She looks up in confusion. (So Yielsis...) A spectral version of Mara Sov with her left arm outstretched forward and her hand flat. (Mara Sov: What do you say?)

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