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9/2/2018 7:11:39 PM

Identity politics/identitarianism is narcissism incarnate

Narcissism being virtue plus vanity. Transcend tribalism; slightly smaller involuntary groups (oligarchies masquerading as tyrannies or democracies) are NOT the answer to one large involuntary group (oligarchies masquerading as democracies or tyrannies); break it down even further to roaming bands of families/VOLUNTARY interactions; subscriptions/bills NOT taxation (ESPECIALLY without representation; if that's not the definition of taxes for some people). Individualism NOT collectivism. Voluntarism NOT mandatorism. Anarchism NOT nationalism OR globalism (difference between globalism and globalization btw) Just because one is of a color/race, ethnicity, creed/religion, class/caste (social construct) under attack DOES NOT mean the solute populace needs to do X Y Z to combat a larger collective solvent populace. Principles NOT pragmatism. The group cannot reason, the individual can. Look up J o a n n a W i l l i a m s, Y a r o n B r o o k, M a r k P a s s i o, L a r k e n R o s e, G E G r i f f i n, A d a m W i l l i a m s, D o c t o r J o r d a n B P e t e r s o n, various anarchist authors/classical liberals (not progressive-regressive neolibs), principled conservatives even (NOT neocons), pick up astrology even! READ. LISTEN. LEARN. Knowledge without wisdom is but a double-folly. Thought without action is a daydream, action without thinking is a nightmare. Don't adjust the goals, adjust the actions steps. Peruse the Foundation for Economic Education website and books! (Shameless plug) /mini-rant

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