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8/8/2018 11:40:57 PM

If I leave a Competitive Match

We’re down 5-0 in survival. My team has been 3v4ing since landing on Shores of Time/whatever tf the map’s called, and I decide I’ve had enough. Oops, too bad, you left early, sucks to suck, keep in good standing with Shaxx. Bungie ffs, how can you recognize a problem with competitive leavers and fail to adequately handle it? It’s like this hole was left in coding on purpose. “Quitting competive early negatively impacts the experience for others” My -blam!-ing experience was already ruined man. Don’t punish me for wanting to just leave and restart another match when we’re down a man. Or you know, literally go ask Blizzard for some help because evidently they know how to establish a competitive environment where leaving isn’t punished in the first minutes [i]and[/i] it doesn’t negatively impact one’s teammates. Redrix solo-queue estimates number of games I’ll have to play with my K/D 200 or something... being forced to stay in a game because of potential punishment is ridiculous. This is something that can be hotfixed. Stop dickriding Forsaken and fix stuff in the upcoming combat changes.

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