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8/5/2018 8:32:12 AM

Bungie Plz Fix my Gun Deletion

Hey There Bungie Im sorry to say this but something strange has happened on my Titan class, i recently obtained the Judgement trials on the nine hand cannon in which i was legit over the moon about!!! But i signed in this morning and it was no where to be found... not in vault and not on any of my other characters, considering im a family man and dont get a lot of destiny time which leads to me not being overly great at crucible in which i was kinda carried through trails lol but could i maybe have it back?? Was so excited i got it because i love hand cannons and felt so lucky out of all the pieces that can drop from trials. What made things weirder i had a look at my stats on this companion app and on my Titan its saying ive never played a game of trials of the nine on my Titan... this is obviously a glitch but that doesnt pay me no mind because im not interested in statistics i just would like my Judgement hand cannon back please... ive been playing destiny since day 1 release of destiny 1 so please help a long time lover of destiny out please please (I hope you read your forums..)

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