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6/30/2018 5:52:13 AM

[PS4] xAllegiancex AusAPAC - For Australian, New Zealand & Asia Pacific A special call out to anybody from Australia / New Zealand / Asia Pacific that's looking for a clan. Allegiance's AusAPAC division is looking for new recruits for our second division expansion. You'll be part of a large global community with great infrastructure and organization yet with local roots in your division. Main clan website: Clan Division: About Us xAllegiancex (xAx) is a PS4 and XB1 Bungie featured gaming community of over 1800 members that has been active for over three years. Over the course of the last three years, we have expanded to multiple Bungie divisions around the world and have been able to host from 500 -700 Destiny events per month thanks to our on site administrators and our own dedicated website. These events include: • Training raids / Sherpa Raids • Regular Raids • Speedrun raids, flawless raider events... • Nightfalls, strikes, quest grinds etc... • Crucible events, Iron Banner events, tournaments... Everybody is welcome, from those less experienced that need help to those more experienced that like to help others. To join our Destiny gaming community, Please check us out at Bungie Feature: Twitch channel: YouTube Channel: ViperShogun xAx PVP Admin Australia & Asia Pacific (PS4)

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