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5/14/2018 2:40:34 AM

Push to bank instead of just deleting

Please stop punishing people for trying to play your game. The inventory management system is still horrific. The postmaster shouldn't eat a bunch of items simply because you decided to play on a planet longer with your friends. This should be simple- here I will give you some better options. - Put it in my bank. - Put a timer on it, hell 24 hours is plenty (unlimited capacity). -Add an option for players to automatically push items to the bank from the postmaster (this should probably happen even if you do nothing else from this list) -A notification that tells you while on planets "You cannot pick this up, your mailbox and inventory are full" -Anything aside from just deleting without even an in-game notification (aside from the one that only tells you ONLY in the "town" zones. Giving you no notification while actually gaining more loot) You can easily amass 20 items sent if you are running dungeons back to back or if you happen to like the new area's of Mar's and are looking for unlocks. Thanks, -Lament

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