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Изменено (FeelGoodCEO): 10/25/2015 5:48:50 AM

THE FLOODZONE: BAR (Closed as of 10/17/2015)

Welcome to the floodzone. Had a long day? Something got ya down? Well sit down, have a drink, and let it all out. You're among fellow floodians here so don't be shy. Opened on August 17, 2014 [b][Menu][/b] Water Soda Beer Rum Vodka Scotch 750 Long Island iced tea Whiskey Wine Bacta Fuel Ale Mead Milk Coffee Anything else you can think of we've probably got! [b]Workers[/b] [spoiler] [b][bartenders][/b] FeelGoodCEO [i]formally The Traveler [/i](owner) Dyr Dragon Rain Elemental A Fox CounterStorm5 Eli King Rekt II lNovaStormzl Kikkik02 Crush da Sickest EnderWolf1013 Corvus98 Squabbled (cook) Alondite9087(head cook) Griyff Julie (waitress) LilMissSunshine [b][bouncers][/b] FletchTheSniper (head bouncer) SGTPineapple Biosmiley Spartan A145 Psychomech GingerSnap BannedMechetti B10nary (anti-desticle specialist) Exodus Iron Tarkus Demonic Sniper ( Anti Sniper Squad) TrevDaddyz Quiggles Mcgee [b][desticulinator][/b] Billy [b][Musicians][/b] Dragon Sniper 3 (M.C) SzyGuy (DJ) WORKSHOPWIZARD (Guitarist/Vocalist) Squishie1984 (multi talented instrumentalist) Rocketman287 (electric guitarist) Triple B (Drummer) Space Fox (piano man) MalvOfAlaska (second guitarist) [b][Entertainment][/b] TheKnaveOfDeath ( Jester II (You know) AfroJoe (bar kitten) BANANA (Story teller) [b][Engineer][/b] Tamefrog7 SgtOceanus (mechs and turrets technician) SilenceOfTheJams (Custodial engineer) [b][Supplier][/b] La Foudre [b][Destinians allowed service][/b] Fenatsu master guardian1 rezamaru masterkitty2015 [/spoiler] [b]Sorry guys but I'm not adding anyone else to the workers! I have way to many as it is! So I'm not responding to anymore requests! Also no god moding. That makes it no fun for everyone else and it just makes you a jerk. Oh and one more thing. Fletch's and UlcaM's words are law, seconded only to me. I'm all for having fun guys but don't be that guy.[/b] [b]workers who left or were fired[/b] [spoiler]Corey the Kell Ultimaterobber[/spoiler] [b]gone but not forgotten[/b] [b]Keeper of the Bar[/b] UlcaM

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