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2/8/2018 7:26:31 PM

Only 214k pvp players 08/02/18

That's the lowest pvp numbers I've ever seen, and it includes Destiny 1 too! Sad times, but bungie don't know what they're doing, destiny 2 should never be a cosmetic only game, but a true looter shooter.... Bring back random rolls, add the missing perk nodes back to legendary weapons, bring back feeding frenzy, luck in the chamber, crowd control, and other perks. Fix firefly too.... Lower Time to kill in pvp to D1 standards, bring back movement speed and ability strength and recharge rate. And split power weapons into special and heavy weapons creating a four load out system, bring back our heavy machine guns.... Flood the game with new gear and weapons, and expand the class system for much greater scope, just like D2 had.... What bungie have said they're going to do isn't nearly enough, and all I see people complaining about is cosmetic stuff, well screw the cosmetic crap, that was made for everpurse, but they had to change that plan.... Too bad it's way past too late, what killed Destiny? Bungie did.
#Destiny #dead

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