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Open Letter to bungie: So long to what could have been an epic space opera.

Dear Bungie! I hope I have your ear, I am very sad to say that as of today I have removed your application from my phone, and I have uninstalled your game from my xbox. I am a Veteran player within your game I have been signed on to your company and vision since The alpha way back when, I was invited to your beta after the alpha and was super excited for your vision that you said you had over 10 year span. I am an OG if you want to call it that and before you newbie fanboys jump my case read my tale and see how much i have invested in this company, this game, and its community. I pre-order your game and i remember how excited i was to get this game especially seeing i took the day off to play your game the entire day. I degress, I want to set up who I am, because i have been buying your products (Halo, Halo 2, halo 3) since you announced your game at an E3. So after I bought destiny and played Vanilla destiny I was okay this company has my buy in for a season pass which I purchased. The dark below was okay but it didn't give me what I wanted. I felt a little ripped off when i played this "expansion" however it had a new raid that was good, when i was thinking expansion back then i was thinking something along the lines of diablo 2 or that of what Bethesda likes to do with their games such as FALLOUT and ELDER SCROLLS GAMES and put out quality expansions. Think of Oblivion or even Dragon age. So I continued to have hope, being that I bought in on the season pass I would also get The Prison of Elders the next "Expansion" which was very lackluster and now i started to think to myself did i just get ripped off this is kinda lame. I kept hoping that it would get better however it didn't. You Launched the The Taken King, with this release and another amount of money you asked for I felt a little better about your game but now I was about I think $134.99 down on a game that you released incomplete a year previously. So I got a lot of play out of the game and felt good when you put in hidden exotic quests and added more quests, you gave me things to chase after, more weapons more armor. Then you added the everse, Remember guardians tess is not new she was introduced in D1 it just never really impacted the game, well as much. I was leary when you did this however i figured the game was good and the disc never left my console. Do you see the trend though. Release the game broken or incomplete ask for more money then complete said expansion and ask for more money for better quality of life. You launched Rise of Iron and asked me for more money I believe it was $30 bucks if i believe. Now now you have take from me about $165.00 for a completed game, it was more a smack to the face that you launched a full verison for for half the cost of what i paid. It was good and I was okay for the most part. I leveled 3 characters to max light level complete most of all the events and did get most of the weapons I would want. Now for all you fanboys that are like BYE we don't need you. Well look at this loyalty that i have given this company and money. I want a company to see me as a valued customer not something they can take advantage of, I loved Destiny 1, I was let down by destiny 2 and felt that they did not earn my money anymore. I want people to understand this is hoping that Bungie understands that they are losing a customer who had faith in a product, faith in a game, and faith in a company that would do things right. D2 failed me, within 6 weeks i had most of my characters (all three characters classes) to the 305 light cap, I found most to all the exotic weapons, completed most adventures and completed the raid every different way i could with different toons. you literally need to get your game working the way it needs to, You should give all the money back you took from people for the season passes and put out an expansion at cost to you. I have a feeling that the next expansion is going to spawn a version of destiny 2 with both expansions one and two with a new expansion at the same price i paid for your vanilla launch release in the fall 2018. I heard about the Expansion Curse of Osiris and it was the same thing that you did in Destiny year 1. I decided this time around you were not going to get anymore of my money nor my time. BUNGIE you are not listening to your fanbase, player base, and customers. We have supported you for long enough and i can't wait any longer. You may want to look to games like WARFRAME, PUBG, and even GTAO, These games have been around a while and have reinvented their games over and over again. The division is a good example of something you should look to because they have also helped the game and improved on it. Most of this stuff was corrected in above said games and guess what for the most part at no cost to gamers. Warframe is an amazing game I might have someone at your development team really look at what they have accomplished in the years since this game was put on xbox one. WARFRAME was the game that everyone said would fail and it has thrived. PUBG another good example of a game that has taken off and they released it as a preview program and are transparent and they charged a fraction of the cost. The bottom line BUNGIE is that YOU LOST a customer, a Fan, A loyal player, and most of all a guardian that has been through the UPS and DOWNS of D1 and continued to support through D2 until the launch of your first "expansion". I might buy this game when its in the 3rd year and complete like D1 and you will probably sell that game for $60.00 in its full version and maybe I'll enjoy your game then. Good Luck and i hope you figure your mess out. REAPERXINC

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