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Destiny 2

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1/4/2018 7:30:51 PM

Can dads/moms still play destiny?

I'm a casual from vanilla days. I don't have time to play a crazy amount and grind for the best gear anymore (i became a daddy late 2015 and a homeowner mid 2017)... I really like destiny and feel i have missed out on things i really enjoyed in the past (raiding and nightfall etc).. I don't mind that i don't have time to play a lot... Just i hate being barred from end game content... I literally just got to 280 and haven't complete a d2 nightfall nor even tried the raids... And i just don't have time to grind around for special gear etc... When i do have time to play, i want to do exciting things... Not grind.. Anyhow, just wondering what other people in my boat are doing... I really want to do the raids etc but i don't want it to be nearly impossible to play because of my level... Hoping for some good discussion Cheers

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