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12/18/2017 7:36:38 PM
This is ridiculous! Every single time Bungie puts out something new, there is something that "isn't working as intended". I get it, they have to find a way to get people playing since launch to spend those thousands of legendary shards that they've been stockpiling. But when you can't even recycle your old content properly from D1 that you inexplicably took out of the game, you're losing more and more players. I am so sick to death of "we're looking at the data and we agree that "___fill in the blank___ " isn't working as intended. I dropped way too much money in D1 tying to obtain the ghost ghost in the Festival of the Lost, only to get a pitiful "we agree the drop rates weren't working as intended". Did I get a refund? NO. Did I get any sort of compensation for the time and money wasted? NO. This is exactly what is happening again but on a game wide scale. Bungie, we are not your QA department, testing your broken RNG systems with our real money (or fake currencies ie: legendary shards". To borrow an idea that SkillUp presented in his video of why he's done with the game as a whole, "If a restaurant serves you a subpar meal, they make it right by giving you a new meal and maybe even a free dessert. They don't give you the exact same meal that was bad and charge you again for it".

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