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11/9/2017 11:27:23 PM

New Clan For New Players UK

Hey guys, I have just come from a large clan of great people and am now starting a fresh! I have started a clan solely of close friends of whom I have played with since way back when! We have started a new clan purely aimed at new and inexperienced players, casual players who are looking to build friendships in a relaxed environment! We are looking for people who are relaxed, patient and respectful to join us and learn the game! We are experienced in the game and in a way wish to start a clan purely as sherpas to help you learn and play well together! So, if you struggle to find regular players, struggle to complete tasks via the LFG forums or just generally wish to join a relaxed clan of guys with no pressure of what you must do and instead an easy environment to learn and better yourselves then get in touch! All we ask is that your: Of A mature mindset with the ability to be patient and respectful as the clan grows! Be in the UK, Purely for time and connection reasons Preferably be inexperience or new to the game! Be as active as possible with regards to your gameplay! If this sounds like something for you and you want to come join us, learn, play and relax whilst having a laugh then feel free to contact us! Speak soon

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