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3/31/2017 4:04:00 PM

Necrochasm (best way to use it) IMO*

I feel like the youtubers are using the gun wrong or at least not for my preference..The best way to use necrochasm is to use either accurized ballistics or aggressive ballistics to maximize range aim assist and damage fall off.. I use aggressive because the recoil is for 1 way more predictable, 2. body shot damage is increased to 14 and range fall off is I feel is further because when I was hitting people with 14 from a medium distance with accurized ballistics I was hitting 15 with aggressive ballistics ,zen moment takes care of your recoil and stability ...with accurized ballistics you increase your aim assist and range fall off in comparison to cqb ballistic and with aggressive ballistics you increase range fall off because of the increase in damage (the distance you hit 14 with accurized ballistics you hit 15 with aggressive ballistics) Trust me just try it out!!! Let me know how it works I also use my "Bad Bih Titan" with the exotic boots for strafe and turn radius. Iv just been melting all diff types of players (learn and know your distance with this weapon to maximize you ttk).

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