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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Bodaciousmoondadpizzawolf): 3/1/2017 5:05:44 PM

D2 and Pvp standards

Yo, what is going on guys, Fml here. Let's have a crispy discussion about pvpenises. Ok, but seriously. I just wanted to say that I hope bungie has learned from their mistakes with the current Pvp bullshit. I think that if they even do Pvp in D2 it should be far less comprising to the cry babies who make all the stink about wanted nerfs. Bungie needs to implement a system that requires butt hurt, crying ass babies to direct their complaints to a balance request report form. This will give Bungie actual numbers to work with, and when they see that %4 of people upset with the weapon _____ but actually have less than 100 kills with said gun or even the archetype, Bungie can make the grownup decision to NOT FÛCKING NERF IT TO SHIT! Same goes for subclasses. Although we are space people with magic powers and shit, some of the "balancing" seems pretty fûcky. Personally I'd like all grenades to be virtually irrelevant in Pvp to encourage more skill based gun fights but I'm not to worried about it. After all, everyone needs a flux...uhh, I mean crutch. In closing, I'd like to say that weapon balance seems pretty close. They made a few mistakes & are bound to make more lol. P.S. I've got like a hundred friends that don't play Destiny anymore & I could use some fireteam fun. If you're in ps4 & see that your friends list is looking like a ghost town, throw me an add.

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