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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Fal Chavam): 2/19/2017 5:04:00 AM

The plot of Destiny 2.

Howdy all. Today I want to talk about Destiny 2, specifically the plot. With some possible hints scattered here and there, my understanding of the cards, and events that have unfolded in the game thus far, I’m going to give my best prediction for what the plot of Destiny 2 will hold. Let’s get started. In terms of enemies, it’s damn near guaranteed that there will be a cabal focus. This much is obvious. I also suspect there will be a lot of focus on the vex too. Why? Because the vex and cabal are closer than you might think. In case you didn’t know, the cabal are very interested in the Vex and our Warmind tech. (I’ve personally theorized that they plan to build their own Warmind by combining a vex mind and a Warmind A.I.) On that note, we know the cabal have sent for more reinforcements. Granted the cabal will have their eyes on us now but they’ll still have their eyes on their original prize. An Increase in cabal activity will cause a bit of inconvenience for the vex. So the vex are going to have to step up their game, and I’m fairly confident they will. Why? Well mostly just a guess, but there was this one “leaked” video that showed a vex being built. [url][/url]. Then, at about the 31 second mark, you can see a few vex walking around in an odd, unknown area. I personally think that area is the citadel. If you look at this picture from the terminus: [url][/url] and in the background of the video (31 second mark) you can see very similar architecture. Vex architecture that isn’t really seen anywhere else I might add. Also, that structure in the picture is solid. If there wasn’t a barrier, you’d be able to go over and stand on that thing. (could mean we might go over there someday) So I guess what you should take away from that is that the vex citadel may become a battleground in Destiny 2. We’ll get to see the heart of vex operations on Venus. (Maybe even a second black heart, or something of similar caliber.) Anyway, that’s the vex side of things, but what about the race we want to know more about? As I mentioned up top, the cabal will almost definitely be getting some heavy reinforcements. We’ve made our way to the top of their most wanted list, and you better believe they’ll do whatever they can to end us. Based on a supposedly leaked megablok set, the cabal may even be coming right to our front doorstep. The set includes Shaxx (with a sword) fighting a cabal Red Guard in the hanger. Will they make the city fall? I have my doubts. They may catch us off guard, but I feel confident that our guardians and other wall defences will be able to push the cabal back. (and there’s also you, the guardian, who has killed gods, monsters, and kings) With a heavy increase in cabal presence, Rasputin (and any other hidden warminds) may be forced to call on to us for help. Rasputin has a hard enough time trying to deal with scavengers (fallen), so fully armed legions are going to put him on a hard defensive. Should it come to this, he will probably open his doors to us. (With Rasputin as an official ally, this could mean a whole new suit of weapons, armor, maybe even a new social space.) With just those two main focus points, there’s an absurd amount that can be expanded on in relation to them. This would include (but not limited to): Psions, Osiris, the collapse, Warminds, cabal in general, the vex citadel, vex origins, Maybe even the golden age and it’s technologies. (which could include things like SIVA and the Bray family) [b][u]TL;DR[/u][/b] So to sum this up for you, I’ll give you what I believe will happen. Cabal reinforcements will arrive with speed and aggression. They may attack the city, but we’ll push them back. The increased cabal presence will stir the vex, making them more active than before. Something in the citadel will become a main focus. Rasputin will also come under fire and may be forced to call on us for help. (making us officially allies) To be entirely honest, I think Destiny 2 is essentially going to be a combination of “Vex Void” and “Forge of the gods.” But this is just a guess on my part. For all I know, the cabal could just decide to pack it up and hightail it outta here. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Cheers :D

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