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Petition To Give People The Option To Play In 3rd-Person

One thing I love, is a good third person game. Don't get me wrong I love the rush of first person shooters, the excitement of lining up my sights with the enimies heads and BOOM! Pulling the trigger. But I love a game that can run a good third person camera for people who are absolutely in LOVE with their characters designs. And with a game as cosmetic-based as Destiny, I think the option to be able to sit back, throw third person on and spend some quality time admiring the fluid movement of your guardian 'baggin dregs would be a beautiful addition the Destiny. Bungie has already inplimented a great and beautiful third person camera, all they would have to do is create an option to permanently use that camera. The character movement is fluid and responds well enough that it would be a beautiful thing to be able to watch your guardian in action. Now people say this would be unfair in the crucible because of the people who would be playing in first person having greater accuracy. And that's why I suggest an "option" button, not a mandatory one. Sure there would be disadvantages of playing in 3rd, but it would be your choice to play it in the first place. Can this post get a bump so that Bungie can see my simple and easy proposition and maybe just maybe, one day I'll be able to watch my beast looking titan jump around the solar system kicking some darkenss scum to the curve!
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