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The tale of two year one guardians and two kinderstalkers

We first met 6 months ago during a Trials of Osiris match, and became really good friends, but we ran into some personal problems and didn't talked to each other for quite some time. Back in September, we reconnected and fell in love. Everything was perfect, and together we would slay Gods, Kings, and prove that we were worthy during the Trials of Osiris. We were bonded, and we couldn't wait to see the stories that were ahead of us and our guardians. We were happy, but something really bad happened. Two of her friends found out that we were together, and they joined forces to harass her, and spread rumors about us. At first we weren't that worried, we reported the users to Sony, and we told our friends to do the same, and nothing happened. A few days later, one of them started to send friend requests to our friends and spread rumors to our friends, who also started to harass her for something we didn't do. They stalked us so bad, to the point that we created new accounts to play the game, and turned our old one into "phantom accounts". Its been a long ride guardians, and not even the Playstation Network and our local authorities were able to help us. I gave her the "Heart of the Foundation" emblem, as a sign of how much i cared about her, and now there's the emblem in our old account. I mean, it isn't fair, we fell in love and we just wanted to be happy and play together, and now these people are trying to deprive us from our favorite game, and while we're here, hiding in disgust, not being able to play our favorite game, they're out there having fun with the game, probably laughing that we had to quit the game in order to be free. I don't know if Cos or Bungie would be able to do anything for us, but this is too much. We lost 2 years of our lives playing this game, and we never thought something like this would ever happen to us. I wish Bungie could migrate our old Destiny account to this new one, but i don't think that's possible. Well guardians, i just needed to let off some steam, these past two weeks have been a Nightfall, and we just wanted to ask for help from Bungie, because now they're our last resort. I won't be posting ID's here, but i'll be sharing them with Bungie if needed. Guardians, our life became a Nightfall, and i can't stand seeing the mess she has become because of this whole situation. I don't care about the rumors about me, i'm a guy, they don't affect me that much, but about her, they were saying stuff that they shouldn't, stuff that could permanently damage her reputation. I'm sorry guys, but this was just too much to take. I don't know if i'm posting this in the right place, but we're desperate, and we need help.

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