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Изменено (Eris Morn): 3/10/2016 8:05:25 AM

I am Eris Morn and not crota woman AMA

Crota woman


Eris morn


Ask away and I'll try to answer.... ~no free raisins here ok? Edit: I am Eris Morn... Why do you call me crota woman.. .... Edit2: I guess I'll keep those 320 gjallahorn's in my jars for a while if less then 25% thinks that I'm crota woman.... Edit3:some 13Y/O are really....childish, funny that you just learned a new word(bitch, whore etc) but just act like you have some common sense Edit4: 150+ repies Edit5: I'm stopping with commenting on comments like: crota's bitch, crota's women etc Edit6: 80% of the guardians think I'm crota woman, now I'll have to wait till bungie change's my name.....

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