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1/27/2016 1:41:29 AM

Corrupted Data/System Software Errors with Destiny Year 1 Disc

For a little over a month now I have been having issues with destiny. While in the middle of game play the game freezes then eventually says either the game has corrupted data or there is a system software issue. Either way it will then ask me to eject the disc or close destiny which NEVER resolves any issue. What happens next though is the real kicker... I still try to either close or eject my disc but it will freeze again and usually shut my ps4 completely down or give me an error telling me i must restart which leads to eventually having to completely re-initialize my ps4 leading to me having to then re-install destiny plus every other app/game plus associated data just about every single day now (sometimes twice a day or more). I have purchased all expansion content including the taken king digitally except for the original game which came with my ps4 in the "destiny package" (white ps4). My game disc is in pristine condition and is the only disc I own being that all of my other games have been digitally purchased. I do not have this problem with any other game or app I have (I play quite a bit of black ops 3 as well) and ONLY happens while playing destiny. Is there a digital download of the original game that I could perhaps access in order to be able to still make use of all of the dlc content I have purchased including the taken king? Otherwise all of that content is useless without a copy of the original.

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