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10/18/2015 10:18:42 PM


So what are we looking for? Well, that answer is quite simple. We are looking for you, Guardian. We do not discriminate against light (though we will let you know if a strike may be too hard for your light/level), and we enjoy the company of others. As of now, we are just five members, but we five alone take to the stars and conquer what exists in our galaxy. From exotic hunting to strike runs, to crucible and even raids. I, myself, am very indulgent towards the PvP aspect of the game, so I would love more friends to abuse with my lovely Dark Drinker! Hahaha! Requirements are as follows: - Must be on at least 3-4 times a week, even for just a bit. I understand that everyone has their own personal life, and I would rather not cut into that. - Must be friendly to the community as well as our clan. We are family, and as a family, we do not want to make enemies out there in the galaxy for us. - Please, no exploiting glitches. Respect the hard work that the team at Bungie has put in to make this game as awesome as it is for us! If you find an exploit, just report it, or at least just avoid it. - Mics are NOT required, although it would help with communication. If you don't have a mic present, we'll make the effort to communicate through other means if necessary. - All are welcome! Veterans of year one, or newcomers of year two! Whether you collected your Necrocasms and Gjallahorns last year, or you're just receiving your brand new Celestial Nighthawks and Dark Drinkers as your first exotics ever this year, we would love to have your company. Nobody gets left behind with us! Unless we're in the first room of Crota's end... Then, you're on your own because I am afraid of that shadowy hell. If you are interested in joining, I will leave my full psn name at the end of this post. Please message me, do not add me. Just send me your forum information so I may search for you and add you into the clan. If you are not interested, then I thank you for at least taking the time to read this post. It means a lot to me, and my squad.

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