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Изменено (xUNKN0WN FEARx): 10/17/2015 6:56:45 PM

why not come check us out we might have what your looking for. we are a Very friendly small mature uk clan on [xbox 1 only],

hey guys are you tired of doing nightfalls and raids with randoms??? well we are too which is why this clan xTHE RAIDERS OF DARKNESSx was created because theres nothing worse then being in a group and have some stupid 14 year old kid screaming at you for making a silly little mistake or cos your not playing the game/raid the way he wants you to and we have all been there lol i myself am 27 years old and as you can imagine a kid screaming down the mic at me is not going to go down well at all lol my GT is xUNKN0WN FEARx . the only things we require is for you to be at least 295 light 18+ years old have a mic, be consistent and active on xbox and be friendly and respectful of other members. we are normally online around 7 most nights and we are very patient with people and dnt take it too seriously we are very laid back and its totally okay to mess up in nightfalls or even the raid cos mistakes and accidents happen no one is perfect and we wanna build a small solid raid group of chilled easy going guy to have a laugh with and that always helps each other out no matter what and can get to know each other and hopefully become great friends long term and have fun together. p.s holy crap this took ages to type out lmao. if theres anything i missed feel free to ask.

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